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The Need for Speed: Expediting Construction with Helix Steel’s Micro Rebar™ Concrete Reinforcement

Rebar makes construction drag on longer than it should, and impedes the work of contractors, ICF builders, precast facilities and developers. It’s time to work faster; it’s time to consider the #1 alternative.

Helix® Micro Rebar is a one-inch (25-mm) piece of steel that will rethink everything you know about concrete reinforcement. The patented twisted design of Helix® Micro Rebarforms with concrete to create a strong and durable material, keeping concrete together like a screw in wood.

Its strength is one advantage, but if you are seeking a product to expedite your construction schedule, then look no further than Helix® Micro Rebar, which can replace all rebar in concrete slabs and footings, and reduce rebar in most other applications, including walls and suspended slabs. Whether you are an architect, general contractor, ICF builder, precast business or commercial developer, significant time savings is on your horizon. 

Here are just some of the ways you will save time…

Save Time Learning What You Need to Know

The stress and time constraints of educating yourself on innovation in the construction industry is enough to make you never want to try something different ever again. Fortunately, Helix® Micro Rebarhas in-depth Resources for our popular Quick Start Guide, technical references, step-by-step instructions and past webinars on the product. 

We also know that having access to knowledgeable professionals – based in the great state of Michigan – has its advantages. You are welcome to speak with our in-house sales and engineering teams so that we can understand your needs, tell you more about the product and create a no-obligation quote. In just a few hours, we could save you weeks of time educating yourself.

Designing Your Project with Helix® Micro Rebar

Our engineering team will not only determine the exact dosage your concrete needs, but we will work with you to show you the strength advantages of using Helix® Micro Rebar. For example, your initial design may have an 8” concrete slab, but using Helix® Micro Rebar. May allow you to reduce that amount to only 6”. This saves your engineer significant time. Be sure to speak with the Helix Steel engineering team as early as possible in your design process, since we may be able to do much of the legwork for you. 

Industry-Accepted Engineering Code Approvals

We have a decade of experience providing engineers with the necessary documents and supporting data for approval, while also working on your behalf to get stamps using our in-house engineers. The average time to obtain an approval is only 24–48 hours, reducing delays and expediting production.

Two-Day Procurement/Delivery of Helix® Micro Rebar

Nothing is more frustrating than going through the process of buying a product, only to realize that it takes weeks or months for delivery. 

General contractors will appreciate how an order of Helix® Micro Rebar can be delivered anywhere in North America in as little as two days. This is because our product is manufactured and stored in America, already awaiting your order. Saving time and staying on schedule is essential, made possible by our responsive team.

How to Prepare and Pour Concrete

It’s simple and fast how the Helix® Micro Rebar pouring process works. Most often it is simply mixed directly into truck mixers. For this method, pour the 45 lb. (20.4 kg) box into the truck, add 50–80% of the mix water into the drum, mix for 30–45 seconds then add your concrete elements in the normal manner.

Pour and finish concrete like you already do, practicing standard finishing practices. In some cases, you may also be able to save time and expenses related to pumps, concrete buggies and wheelbarrows. Be sure to speak with Helix Steel to discuss complete installation processes and dosage requirements.

Helix® Micro Rebar Helps You Save Ever More

Remove rebar from your materials list, and you may also enjoy some of the many other benefits:

  • Cost savings with reduced crew sizes and concrete load reductions;
  • Reductions in safety risks, with fewer tripping hazards;
  • Faster ROI for developers;
  • Reduced risk of concrete cracks for discerning tenants and building owners; and
  • Increased production capacity for precast facilities.

Accelerate Your Project with Innovative Concrete Reinforcement

This is just the beginning of your time-saving journey with Helix® Micro Rebar. Learn more about some of the thousands of projects that Helix Steel has expedited using our online Helix® Micro Rebarproject finder.

To speak with a representative about your next project contact Helix Steel today.

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