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The Importance of High-Quality Concrete Reinforcement in Concrete Generator Pads and Transformer Pads

Thousands of pounds of highly fragile equipment essential to powering our world require a strong foundation built to last in practically every scenario.

Building professionals are realizing that if they want a truly high-strength and more durable solution, they need to use Helix Micro Rebar instead of rebar or mesh.

Helix Micro Rebar is a twisted one-inch piece of steel mixed with concrete prior to placement. This twisted design reduces cracks, improves concrete’s tensile strength, and distributes loads better than traditional rebar or mesh.

But before we tell you more about that, we have some questions and answers for you.

What are Generator Pads?

Heavy generators – installed for use in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial settings – require solid foundations to support their important role.

A reinforced concrete base (also known as a “generator slab” or “generator pad”) protects generators from the elements, including ground currents, while providing level and stable foundations. The pad also distributes the massive weight evenly across the concrete foundation.

What are Transformer Pads?

These are the strong and sturdy concrete foundations for transformers, which are used to change (“transform”) the voltage flowing through a power grid.

Concrete pads help to protect generators from water and other ground-level elements, which can damage the highly sensitive electrical equipment inside. Being elevated on concrete also helps to insulate the transformer from ground currents and reduces electrical hazards.

Since transformers can be incredibly heavy, weighing many thousands of pounds, it’s crucial for the concrete foundation to be reinforced. Choosing the right reinforcement and using the right design will help to ensure the concrete’s strength, durability and resistance to environmental factors.

How Does Helix Micro Rebar Make Better Generator Pads and Transformer Pads?

Helix Steel’s innovative concrete reinforcement does it all without the inconveniences of rebar. You will no longer need to store rusty rebar, cut rebar, tie rebar, or place the bars on rebar chairs. Helix Micro Rebar is simply mixed in with your concrete and poured directly into the form. It’s as easy as that.

Its even disbursement through the concrete mix also makes it stronger than rebar and longer lasting.

Don’t believe us or want to learn more? We’re here to help! Give our sales/engineering team a shout, schedule aLunch & Learn (with the cost of lunch on us) or submit your project details.

There’s no need to continue using rebar in applications that can go further with a simple switch to a better concrete reinforcement that gives concrete so much more.