Rebar is used in some of the grandest structures in the world, and has a history of keeping roads mostly smooth, buildings mostly upright and tunnels mostly hole-free. But rebar is imperfect and is known for its high failure rate after years of even moderate use. 

Concrete reinforcement innovation is not new, and many have failed at trying to perfect rebar, or by rethinking reinforcement with glass, plastic and even asbestos. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative to all of these.

Many developers are switching to Helix® Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement. Used in more than 20,000 structures around the world, Helix® Micro Rebar is a one-inch piece of twisted steel that is combined with thousands of others and mixed with cement to create a better reinforcement. 

Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement is one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. It has quickly become a superior replacement to rebar and mesh reinforcements in every benefit category: time savings, concrete durability, jobsite safety, post-construction performance, development marketability, higher load capacity and project profitability. 

Here are some of the main benefits of Helix® Micro Rebarfor developers and owners.

Helix Steel’s Concrete Reinforcement Reduces Time to Return on Investment

Upgrading your reinforcement with Helix® Micro Rebar reduces the amount of time laborers spend installing rebar, and is easier to pour, sometimes even removing the need for concrete pumps. It also simplifies the construction process, with footings needing only a simple two-step process: dig the hole and fill it with Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement. No rebar at all. Contractors have reported as much as 60 days’ savings on a single project!

Saying ‘No’ to Concrete Cracks

Whether you’re building up, out, down or through, your structure’s concrete is susceptible to corrosion, earthquakes, storms and water penetration. Rebar corrodes over time, and is not so great at stopping cracks before they start. These deficiencies have been normalized and many developers assume they have no choice but to have to deal with ‘crack’ problems in their buildings. 

This does not need to be the way. Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement reduces many of the risks that you likely have encountered in your previous projects.

  • There are no rebar placement errors;
  • Concrete is three times more durable;
  • Concrete slabs can be thinner with extended joint spacing;
  • It has five times the tensile strength of rebar; and
  • Concrete will have a reduction in failures.

This is all because Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement’s twisted design keeps the concrete together, helping to stop cracks before they even start. 

Helix® Micro RebarImproves Marketability of Developments

If you are like most developers, you have done your research and fully understand the market potential to take on your project. You likely also understand there is massive competition for the project you’re about to undertake, especially when it comes to warehousing space and concrete slabs. 

The current concrete slab market is commoditized, resulting in nothing to stand out from your competitors. With Helix® Micro Rebar, the benefits associated with reduced cracking and fewer joints help to sell a space, as do some of the benefits outlined further in this article.

But the benefits don’t end with the sale. Helix® Micro Rebarslabs can act as building-code-compliant foundations capable of carrying more than twice the load of standard concrete. That means if years from now your tenant or new warehouse owner would like to build an office structure inside the building on the slab, they likely will not need to excavate the concrete and pour new foundations.

Helix Steel also provides complimentary easy-to-understand summaries of improved load capacities, with engineering support available for future reconfigurations. 

Improving Concrete Performance and Reducing Tenant Complaints

It happens far too often – after spending millions of dollars on your new project, the problems creep in a couple of years afterward. Often it is your tenants or customers who notice issues first, and they become your headache after. Cracks start small, and there is often little long-term solution you can apply, resulting in water seepage, joint deterioration, failed jointless systems and expensive repairs.

Helix® Micro Rebar reinforcement design is performed with Helix Steel’s own team of professional engineers, and accurate dosages take into account joint performance and aims for a 100% crack-free product, unlike rebar and fibers which both must allow the concrete to first crack before they start to work. Helix® Micro Rebarintegrates with concrete through the curing process instead of just bandaging it.

Rebar Lacks Credibility in the Construction Industry

Speak with your general contractors, suppliers and architects. They can make a long list of reasons why they would rather not work with rebar. Besides the tedious/dirty/unsafe process of installing the steel rods, there are also the high expenses and unreliability of the product for developers and their tenants.

In a market where it is difficult to differentiate, your concrete reinforcement line item is ripe for improvement. There are many ways that Helix® Micro Rebar can turn more tenants your way:

  • When used at 8” thickness, Helix® Micro Rebarreinforcement has twice the capacity as a 6” plain concrete slab.
  • Fewer laborers are needed onsite, less heavy equipment is needed and smaller storage spaces are required, resulting in safer jobsites.
  • On average, Helix® Micro Rebarreduces concrete reinforcement costs by 20–30% less
  • Tightened construction schedules with no rebar installation and an increased pour rate mean that your tenants attain occupancy faster.

The Best Precast Concrete Reinforcement Alternative is Here

Who knew that such a small, twisted idea would prove to be a far better alternative to concrete reinforcement? Helix Steel did. And so did thousands of American developers and owners who trust its real-world results.

There is much more for developers to discover about Helix® Micro Rebar, a better way to build with concrete. Contact Helix Steel and review information on our website about benefits for developers, and some of our concrete reinforcement project highlights

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