Seretta Construction Implements Jointless Flooring Solution From Helix Steel And CTS Cement

The CEO of Seretta Construction is an industry leader who is looking to innovate. His name is Andrew McPherson and he is the former president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and current Chairman of the ACI 551 Tilt Wall Construction and Design Committee. When he made the decision to build a new regional HQ in Austin Texas, he turned to Helix Steel. Frustrated with mixed results and the complexity of the growing number of “jointless” floor systems, he chose an innovative approach to the floor slab design for this facility. A Komponent™ shrinkage-compensating concrete floor slab design that integrated Helix® Micro-Rebar was used for the warehouse and office areas.

Combining the best in jointless floor slab technology and Helix Micro-Rebar concrete reinforcement enabled this facility to be placed with no control joints. Both the 6″ thick warehouse slab and 5″ thick office slab used only 9 lbs. per cubic yard of Helix Micro-Rebar along with 100 lbs. of Komponent shrinkage-compensating cement additive to achieve this innovative joint free slab solution. Unlike shrinkage reducing admixtures, the Komponent system, when installed as directed by the manufacturer, does not just reduce but eliminates shrinkage in the slab. Helix Micro-Rebar provides strength to the slab similar to rebar, but also increases the concrete’s flexural strength (Modulus of Rupture), allowing for thinner or more crack resistant slabs.

Integrating these two high-performance technologies allowed for the elimination of traditional reinforcement saw cut joints, and the need to seal and maintain control joints. The combination also reduced the need for construction joints, improved project schedule, and reduced labor costs for the floor slab installation. The elimination of the saw cut joints makes the slab significantly stronger given the joints are the weakest part of a conventional slab. Luke Pinkerton, CTO and Founder of Helix Steel, said, “The approach finally eliminates the tradeoff between thickness and strength, yielding thinner slabs that are stronger than conventional method slabs.”

Speaking at the Tilt-Up Concrete Association Convention and Expo this week, Andrew noted, “This is a true win-win for innovative, high-performance floor slab designs without sacrificing project efficiencies or negatively impacting budgets. We’re excited to show this best of breed slab design to clients in the near future and are looking forward to incorporating even more innovation in tilt-up panels in the days ahead.”

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