Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Concrete Slab Project

Dreading an upcoming concrete slab placement project should never happen, but it’s a reality every contractor faces. And rightfully so! This task is often headache-inducing with many complexities: heaps of rusty rebar, weeks spent laying out steel, back-breaking labor and expensive boom pumps.

Rebar causes headaches, yet many contractors, developers and even engineers are hesitant to try proven alternatives, simply because they are different. 

Recessions Require Innovative Thinking 

When the economy falters and you need to think faster, smarter and more economically than ever before, the alternative is exactly what you need. Sure, you can consider plastic fibers, but if you want a solution that reduces cracks with a patented twisted design to keep concrete together while also making placement easier on your crew, you have one choice: Helix Micro Rebar

Helix Steel’s revolutionary concrete reinforcement can save one day of construction for every 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) of rebar replaced with Helix Micro Rebar reinforcement.

Here are some prime examples of warehouse projects that have trusted the one-inch all-steel Helix Micro Rebar and reaped the financial rewards by eliminating steel, shortening schedules and placing concrete faster.

Concrete Slab Projects With Cost Savings Due to Helix Micro Rebar

  • Eliminated over 290 tons of steel by cutting rebar usage
  • Over 40 days were saved from the original construction schedule

  • 20% faster than if they had chosen mesh
  • Cement mixers discharged directly on the site, instead of using pumps and concrete buggies.

  • 12 days faster due to less rebar installation

  • 20% faster concrete pour due to direct discharge
  • Saved 70 days on the project 

Helix Micro Rebar Takes You Beyond Cost Savings

Our small concrete reinforcement can cut time, eliminate materials and simplify a job site, all resulting in significant cost savings. To get your no-obligation quote from Helix Steel’s in-house design team, reach out to us today and we’ll work with you to outline your estimated cost savings – it is often quite significant!

Helix Steel’s ‘tiny’ change to your concrete project could not only save you money, but also make your operation more efficient than ever before. Keep reading about the alternative that is quickly becoming the norm…

Helix Micro Rebar helps Engineers

Helix Micro Rebar concrete reinforcement can make your project safer

Helix Micro Rebar has more benefits than fiber

Helix Micro Rebar can reduce your control joints

Helix Micro Rebar helps to reduce cracking

Helix Micro Rebar expedites construction