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Reduce Concrete Control Joints Using This One Approach

An American concrete reinforcement manufacturer is eliminating cracks in concrete slabs on grade with Infinity Slab™.

July 28, 2021 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) – Helix Steel is announcing the launch of its Infinity Slab™ concrete solution that can extend concrete joints to over 100 feet.

The Michigan-based concrete reinforcement innovator created this approach for commercial developers who seek to have fewer concrete joints in their slabs on grade. Control joints require costly and time-consuming cutting and sealing, and leaves long-term maintenance issues, which Helix Steel has now made a thing of the past.

Infinity Slab™ is a Better Way to Build with Concrete

Using a combination of Helix Steel’s proprietary Helix® Micro Rebar™ concrete reinforcement, professional engineering and local ready-mix techniques, Infinity Slab™ increases concrete’s strength, lowers maintenance costs and minimizes a building’s ownership costs.

The customized design increases the long-term reliability of the concrete slab, rather than designing using ultimate load after cracks already form. Helix Steel also recommends methods to eliminate the need for wet curing, which saves developers even more time and money in the construction process.

“Many concrete slab applications would benefit from fewer joints, which is why we developed Infinity Slab™ to address this important need,” says Luke Pinkerton, Helix Steel’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “Simply doubling the joint spacing reduces the number of joints by a factor of four. There’s a significant long-term savings, and the upfront cost is minimal.”

A key aspect of Infinity Slab™ is Helix Steel’s one-inch twisted steel concrete reinforcement called Helix® Micro Rebar® reinforcement. The product increases concrete’s resiliency, ductility, and strength, and eliminates or reduces the traditional reinforcement (rebar and mesh) required by building codes. Concrete slabs built with Helix® Micro Rebar® reinforcement are ACI 318 building code compliant to carry structural loads.

How Does Extending Control Joints Work?

Infinity Slab™ incorporates the benefits of Helix® Micro Rebar™, and combines them with Helix Steel’s decades of expertise. The engineering team starts by performing a custom structural concrete analysis and works alongside developers, contractors and local ready-mix producers to devise a low-shrinkage mix to better manage water, aggregate and reinforcement. Helix Steel has access to a team of engineers who are some of the county’s leading professionals in flatwork and mix design.

A highly detailed custom design is then produced, customized to the precise application, using one of four Infinity Slab™ options (depending on the joint distances), and followed by field support.

Limitless Slab-on-Grade Concrete Applications With Infinity Slab™

For commercial developers who have large, open spaces, Infinity Slab™ is the optimal solution, from warehouses and fulfillment centers to cold storage and manufacturing facilities. It provides value with tenants in mind, but also takes into account other applications which the slab may be used for in the future.

“It’s designed to work on any slab-on-grade application, but it is most widely used in concrete that will have high traffic from forklifts, loaders or other heavy vehicles,” says Pinkerton. “Our philosophy here at Helix Steel is that concrete slabs should remain uncracked under service loads, no matter the application.”


Moving Forward with Fewer Slab-on-Grade Joints

Infinity Slab™ is already being used by leading developers who seek to eliminate cracks in concrete slabs, with no additional engineering or site support fees. Those interested in learning more about the engineering approach are asked to contact Helix Steel for a project specification review and preliminary concrete design at

About Helix Steel

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