Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Concrete Slab Project

Real Estate Developers Should “Have the Time of Their Life”

The most valuable resource that developers have is the one that keeps running out – time. 

With the finite amount of years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds available to you, it is best to make every moment count. Often, that means thinking smarter about construction projects and how you can encourage a faster ROI with fewer resources available to you.

One aspect of many projects is the placement of concrete. When you consider the size of a large warehouse, a concrete slab can be a time-consuming aspect of your development. But when you use products that work for you, not against you, you will see that there are ways to cut your construction schedule while also regaining your lost time. 

Introducing the product that can save you significant time – Helix Micro Rebar. It’s a tiny, twisted and coated steel reinforcement that is mixed with your concrete prior to placement. Its design not only makes your concrete slab more durable, but it can save you a significant amount of time.

Real Estate Developers Should “Have the Time of Their Life” - Helix Steel - Featured

How Can a Developer Save Time by Using Helix Micro Rebar Concrete Reinforcement

Reduce Rebar Installation Time by up to 100%

With Helix Micro Rebar in your concrete prior to placement, much of the time spent laying rebar and mesh on a warehouse slab can be skipped. This greatly expedites the construction schedule and leaving out a major frustration for developers.

Faster Concrete Placement

When Helix Micro Rebar is mixed with concrete at the batch plant, trucks can place their load directly onto the prepared surface. There is no need to use time-consuming concrete pumps or buggies.

Fewer Safety Issues

Less time on a job site can mean fewer time-consuming health and safety issues, from rusty rebar injuries to back-related problems to concrete placement obstacles. Choose systems that put the safety of your team first.

Team Approach

When you work with Helix Steel, our entire team – including sales and in-house engineers – provides live support during your slab project as needed, saving you time and money.

Fast Shipments

Recently, contractors have been frustrated that they can’t stick with timelines due to material delays. Helix Micro Rebar? Your order can often be shipped within a week.

No Time Spent Managing Inventory

Helix Micro Rebar can be ordered in advance and sent to your project site when needed, or it can be sent directly to your batch plant, helping to reduce the burdens and time spent managing onsite inventory.

Less Time Spent on Crack Mitigation and Maintenance

Rebar attempts to stop cracks only after they start, resulting in your slab or being susceptible to corrosion, earthquakes and water penetration. Ask any rebar supplier – their concrete reinforcement will corrode faster than ours. Concrete cracks due to rebar have been frustratingly normalized, and it’s time to do something about it.

Time Savings for Developers Begins Today

Make every moment count, not only as your role as a developer but as a human being. Trust the people around you to choose the products and processes that reduce the amount of time you spend on a project while simultaneously increasing the quality of the application – even if it means using something you have never tried before, such as Helix Micro Rebar. 

Reach out to the Helix Steel sales and engineering teams with your project specs and we will provide you with estimates of time and cost savings – no obligation. The amount of time you save will surprise you!