Place Concrete Faster With North America’s Twisted Steel Reinforcement

You have a lot on your hands: meeting deadlines, maintaining high-quality standards and also listening to the challenges from developers. Traditional methods of placing concrete often involve trade-offs between speed and quality, leaving professionals like yourself seeking alternatives to bridge this gap.

The one small product gaining significant traction throughout North America is Helix Micro Rebar™, the only micro-reinforcement technology that allows for faster construction without sacrificing cost or structural integrity.

Helix Micro Rebar™ is a twisted steel micro-reinforcement that is added directly to the concrete and evenly dispersed through the mixture before it’s placed. When the concrete sets, the composite material has tensile strength that is significantly increased and is better able to resist cracking under stress than standard concrete reinforcement

Reduce Concrete Placement Time

Unlike traditional steel rebar, which is difficult to handle, time-consuming to install and prone to placement errors, Helix Micro Rebar™ is pre-mixed in the concrete to eliminate the need for manual placement and significantly reduce labor costs. Up to 100% of all rebar can be replaced with Helix Micro Rebar™!

Batch Plant Efficiencies Reduce Time Constraints

In addition to its twisted design advantages, American-made Helix Micro Rebar™ offers logistical benefits that reduce the length of construction timelines. 

Since the reinforcement is added directly to the concrete mix at the batch plant, there is no need for on-site storage or handling of bulky rebar rods and rusty steel cages. This offsite task streamlines the construction process, minimizes material waste and reduces the risk of delays with logistics and scheduling.

Streamlined Inspection Processes Cut Reinforcement Timelines

Why wait for inspectors to manually check a complex network of rebar? Streamline the entire process with an inspection that takes a fraction of the time, involving a much simpler verification of the dosage.

Helix Steel’s engineering team also undertakes a three-way batch confirmation to ensure the very best in quality control and the elimination of placement errors. This involves matching the batch ticket to our own calculations package to our barcoded labels. 

By removing complexities and triple-checking doses, you will get the exact amount you need while also saving valuable time.

Compatible With Many Concrete Applications & Projects

Helix Micro Rebar™ is also compatible with many concrete applications, including slabs on grade, slabs on metal decks, walls, footings and foundations

Its versatility allows contractors and developers to leverage its benefits across many types of construction projects, from residential buildings to commercial structures to infrastructure projects. This saves time, and energy, and helps you stay many steps ahead of your project.
Helix Steel’s in-house design team can help you determine the best places for Helix Micro Rebar™ in your next project.

Many Other Benefits to America’s Alternative Concrete Reinforcement

By enhancing the strength, durability, and crack resistance of concrete structures, Helix Micro Rebar™ also reduces costs, is safer to handle and ensures long-term performance and reliability. As the demand for faster and more efficient construction methods continues to grow, this tiny reinforcement is the best solution to deliver speed and quality.

If you’re interested in significantly reducing construction time, allow Helix Steel to host a “Lunch & Learn” for your team! We have a series of topics that can help you and your team think faster, smarter and better than ever before – plus, lunch is on us! 

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