Phillips Hardy delivers innovation to Bridge Infrastructure with Helix Micro Rebar

Since 1967, Phillips Hardy’s mission has been to deliver projects on time and on budget while leveraging their expertise in a quest for innovation to bring value to their customers. One of their customers has been dealing with aging bridge infrastructure, resulting in increasing construction demands and funding shortfalls.

Phillips Hardy delivering innovation to bridge infrastructure with Helix Micro Rebar

Phillips Hardy set out to  find ways to make infrastructure more resilient, enabling longer lifespans and lower lifecycle costs, while supporting higher traffic demands. That search led them to Helix Steel and its twisted steel micro reinforcement technology called Micro Rebar.

“By adding Helix Micro Rebar to the concrete mix, we have been able to deliver a bridge deck overlay that is less susceptible to deterioration and cracking,” said Jason Stastny, Project Manager from Phillips Hardy. “Our current bridge deck repair contract with MoDOT continues to show how Phillips Hardy strives to deliver on its promise that through quality workmanship, value engineering, and diligent planning, we create confidence in a job well done.”

“The bridges we are reinforcing as part of this initial project exemplify how innovation can drive much needed change across infrastructure in the United States,” said Chris Doran, CEO of Helix Steel. “MoDOT has taken the initiative to nd better ways to build. It is imperative that we continue to strive to build bridges, roads, dams, tunnels and all other types of infrastructure with resilience and longer lifespans in mind. This will ensure that the generations that come after us are not left holding the bill to rebuild again.”

About Phillips Hardy (

Phillips Hardy has been in the construction business since 1967. Our core businesses of grading and utility construction are complimented with our expertise and experience in heavy highway and bridge construction for the Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Iowa departments of transportation and other governmental entities.

About Helix Steel (
Helix Steel, a Pensmore company, is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (“TSMR”), the leading proactive concrete reinforcement technology in the world. Helix Steel is leveraged across a variety of markets including commercial, industrial, precast, residential, underground, and infrastructure, and in applications ranging from structural to temperature and shrinkage, crack, seismic, impact, and blast resistance.