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Michigan Steel Leader Expanding Local Manufacturing Capacity

Aug 30, 2022 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) – Sales of the world’s most innovative concrete reinforcement are leading Michigan-based innovator Helix Steel to record growth, cementing plans for a wide range of expansion initiatives over the next year. 

The business’s one-inch twisted steel reinforcement named “Helix Micro Rebar” replaces up to 100% of rebar in concrete. It offers better resiliency, ductility and elasticity in various concrete applications, from warehouse slabs to tunnel linings to house foundations. 

The tiny steel innovation has experienced overwhelming demand among engineers, contractors and developers who seek to think outside the box to address their significant concerns with timelines, cost overruns, structural strength and ease of use.

This demand is leading Helix Steel to expand its manufacturing capacity again – the second time in two years. 

“We are increasing our commitment to Michigan manufacturing jobs and the American construction industry,” says Helix Steel’s President & Chief Technology Officer Luke Pinkerton. “We are very proud to be a part of Michigan’s manufacturing community. Helix Micro Rebar was designed in Michigan, launched in Michigan, grew up in Michigan, is powered by Michigan residents, and was started with help of Michigan’s economic development program. Today, it is helping some of Michigan’s largest businesses build new factories that will support the future of the automotive industry in more robust and sustainable ways.   

Helix Steel’s manufacturing center was made possible in great part due to investment through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Since its inception, Helix Micro Rebar has benefited tens of thousands of projects worldwide, including specialized projects for global businesses and various government departments. The alternative reinforcement has grown from slab and pavement applications to now also benefiting structural applications like concrete walls and footings.

To learn more about Helix Steel and its commitment to improving lives throughout the construction industry, please visit www.HelixSteel.com.

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