Helix Steel Launches Online Training Portal

Helix Steel has been reinforcing concrete with Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR), globally, for over 16 years. In that time, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on the various aspects pertaining to reinforcing a concrete structure. This information has been assimilated into training modules and published online for our partners and end users.

The aspects covered in the modules include:

  1. Helix Steel Design Methodology
  2. Calculating a Helix Steel Dosage Rate
  3. Analysis of concrete mix design
  4. Dosing concrete with Helix Steel
  5. Mixing Helix Steel with concrete
  6. Pouring Helix Steel reinforced concrete
  7. Finishing Helix Steel reinforced concrete
  8. Cutting Joints in Helix Steel reinforced concrete

Upon completion of each online training course, a certificate of attendance will be provided. While the best practices for Helix Steel are nearly identical to the best practices for ordinary concrete application, the training modules review these practices with a particular focus on Helix Steel reinforced concrete. Those interested in enrolling in the training program can do so at: https://www.helixsteel.com/resources/premium/online-training/

“We are excited by the opportunity this presents to add even more value to our partners and end customers,” said Luke Pinkerton, Founder and CTO of Helix Steel. “With the ever-increasing use of Helix Steel TSMR, we have been proactively educating our clients on our best practices. The Online Training Platform provides a medium for Helix Steel to educate in a more efficient manner.”

About Helix Steel (www.helixsteel.com)

Helix Steel, a Pensmore company, is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (“TSMR”), the leading proactive concrete reinforcement technology in the world. Helix Steel is leveraged across a variety of markets including commercial, industrial, precast, residential, underground and infrastructure and in applications ranging from structural, temperature and shrinkage, crack, seismic, impact and blast resistance.