Helix Steel Helps Set a Strong Foundation for Detroit’s Hudson Site Development

A large-scale, indoor-outdoor project in Detroit’s downtown, the Hudson Site development is currently underway to restore Woodward Avenue’s 1200 block. The 1.5 million square feet tower will feature residential and commercial spaces, including offices, retail, dining, parking, and more. At over 685 feet tall, the structure’s major feature will be its unique city views from every level. 

When Southfield-based contractor Barton Malow needed to lay concrete slabs on composite steel decks for the many floors of the facility’s on-site luxury hotel, they called on Helix Steel to make the application go as smoothly as possible. Having partnered before, they knew that Helix was well-suited to help alleviate a major challenge of the project: its wire mesh specification.

Required for 20 floors, wire mesh presents an issue in the construction of multi-floor developments. Often cranes are required to get material up to the elevated decks, resulting in a costly and labor-intensive process. That’s where Helix® Micro Rebar®  came into play.

Offering exceptional durability, Micro Rebar is an extremely strong, safe, and efficient alternative to wire mesh that can be mixed into concrete prior to laying it. This is a game-changer for contractors because it allows concrete to be pumped up to multiple levels, eliminating the need for a crane for an average of 5-15% reduction on costs for projects like the Hudson Site. The flexibility and fatigue resistance make it an incredibly advantageous material.

With the industry’s current trade labor shortages, busy contractors like Barton Malow can complete jobs with smaller groups and save time spent on the site. And because it’s so easy to incorporate into concrete projects, contractors can typically follow their normal day-to-day processes when Helix Micro Rebar is in use.

Fortified with 54 tons of steel, the project benefited from Helix with the following:

  • 147% increase shear strength
  • 23% increase in durability and toughness
  • 28% increase in modulus of rupture 

Are you ready to experience the Helix Advantage on your next concrete slabs on composite steel deck project? Find out more about the many benefits of Helix, including our evaluation reports that make the code approval process easier.

Helix Micro Rebar Takes You Beyond Cost Savings

Our small concrete reinforcement can cut time, eliminate materials and simplify a job site, all resulting in significant cost savings. To get your no-obligation quote from Helix Steel’s in-house design team, reach out to us today and we’ll work with you to outline your estimated cost savings – it is often quite significant!

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