Helix™ Steel Delivers Savings on a massive Distribution Warehouse project for Ashley Capital

A major online retailer recently began operations in a newly constructed 1.1 million square foot distribution facility near Detroit, Michigan several weeks ahead of schedule. 

The Gilardone Company, the concrete contractor, realized that placing traditional steel reinforcement across 1.1 million square feet would require a crew of workers and several weeks of time. For this reason, the Gilardone Company turned to Helix Steel’s patented Helix™ Micro Rebar to reduce the construction schedule and provide Ashley Capital, the developer, with a superior performing and more durable floor.

Added directly into the concrete mix, Helix Micro Rebar eliminates the need for conventional rebar or WWM for slab-on-grade applications. Furthermore, as noted by Luke Pinkerton, CTO and Founder of Helix™ Steel, “unlike WWM or rebar, which requires a crack initiation to relieve stress, Helix™ Micro Rebar relieves stress before cracking occurs. This is critical when automated guided vehicles are used, as patches and non-level floor surfaces can disrupt automated storage and retrieval systems.”

The results were impressive. Using Helix Micro Rebar increased the daily concrete pour rate by 20%, saving valuable time on the construction schedule while eliminating the use of WWM and the associated installation labor costs. “We have had exceptional results with Helix reinforcement,” said Charles Gilardone, CEO of The Gilardone Company. “Our crews are impressed with the finish and speed Helix provides. Our general contractors, developers, and building owners also like the quality of the concrete surfaces, and the durability, superior shrinkage control, and value Helix provides.”

Ken Bowen, VP of Construction at Ashley Capital adds, “Ashley Capital was facing an impossible schedule given traditional construction methods using welded wire fabric but with Helix we were able to meet the schedule and provide a superior product for a knowledgeable and fastmoving tenant.”

A video showcasing grading, pouring and finishing process be accessed below:

About The Gilardone Company

Since 1959 the Gilardone Company has served Southeast Michigan as an innovative leader in concrete construction, specializing in commercial, industrial, and institutional flatwork.

About Helix™ Steel (www.helixsteel.com)

Helix™ Steel manufactures the patented Helix Micro Rebar, the leading proactive concrete reinforcement technology in the world. Helix Steel technology is used across commercial, industrial, precast, residential, underground and infrastructure markets, and in many applications ranging from structural reinforcement to shrinkage and crack control.