Helix Steel Announces New Sales Manager

Helix Steel is proud to announce that Dan Lucas has been promoted to Sales Manager. Lucas has long been a key sales representative at the concrete reinforcement innovator, working from the company’s early years of growth to the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic and now through these exciting years of construction growth.

In his position as Sales Manager, Lucas will work closely with management and the sales team to launch new sales strategies and focus on converging the team’s ideas, insights and creativity to foster a teamwork-focused environment that improves communication with customers like never before.

“I’m thrilled to take on this new role at Helix Steel,” says Lucas. “We believe not only in selling products, like traditional salespeople, but we strive to make projects better by finding out what’s best for the projects themselves. It’s not only that we can replace rebar, but it’s also that we can do everything from enhancing corrosion resistance to making concrete more durable while improving the constructability across the entire project including the architectural and electrical phases.”

Helix Steel’s employees take pride in doing good work for its customers, and in improving so many projects. Lucas and his team look forward to forging new relationships across North America.

“The future at Helix Steel is exciting,” adds Lucas. “We’re working on some of the largest projects in North America, like electric car plants and solar farms. And we’re seeing our customers grow from ordering a few boxes for a driveway and now we’re selling truckloads of product.”

“Dan has always been a major contributor to our sales team,” says Luke Pinkerton, Helix Steel’s CTO and President. “Everyone here congratulates him on his promotion and wishes him the best of luck as he continues to grow with Helix Steel.”

To learn more about Dan Lucas’s new role, his commitment to improving lives throughout the construction industry and how Helix Steel is changing the entire construction industry, reach out to Lucas directly at dan.lucas@helixsteel.com.