Helix Steel announces general availability of Helix 8-50

Helix Steel, the leading provider of proactive concrete reinforcement technology, today announced the general availability of its Helix 8-50 product line. Helix Steel’s unique design of Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR) allows for efficient tensile stress redistribution within concrete prior to the concrete cracking. The result is a significant increase in concrete’s strain capacity and pre-crack properties. Unlike rebar and other forms of reinforcement, TSMR provides proactive reinforcement which engages the concrete before large cracks form.

Helix 8-50 has a nominal length of 2 inches (50mm) and an equivalent diameter of 0.30 inches (0.8mm) which meets specification ASTM A820 – Type I. “Today’s launch of Helix 8-50 combines our proactive concrete reinforcement technology with a longer length that provides superior post-crack behavior. These qualities make Helix 8-50 ideal for the Tunneling and Industrial flooring markets,” says Jeff Novak, VP of Engineering at Helix Steel. “The performance efficiency gained when using Helix 8-50 allows use of dosages quantifiably lower than hooked steel fibers, thus reducing carbon footprint while increasing overall reinforcement capability.”

Helix Steel’s patented anchorage technology uses a continuous deformation along the length of the shaft in the form of twisted ribs rather than a smooth shaft with hooks at each end. This provides a continuous anchorage in concrete and stable pre- and post-crack behavior as opposed to smooth steel fibers that rely on small end hooks. In addition, the proactive nature of Helix 8-50 redistributes forces before cracks occur unlike macro plastic fibers that depend on the concrete cracking before they can provide any tensile resistance.

The Helix 8-50 data sheet can be found at: http://www.helixsteel.com/technical/helix-data-sheet Helix Steel is proudly made in the USA. Based on project specifications, American steel mill certification is available.

About Helix Steel (www.helixsteel.com)

Helix Steel is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (“TSMR”), the leading proactive concrete reinforcement technology in the world. Helix Steel first entered the market with its’ flagship product Helix 5-25 in 2003. Since then, Helix 5-25 has been reinforcing concrete in Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Underground, Tunneling and Precast markets. In 2013, Helix 5-25 received a Uniform-ES ER-0279 Code Approved evaluation report, which certifies that Helix 5-25 can be used in concrete reinforcement for structural applications, as defined by ACI-318. Helix Steel proudly manufactures TSMR in Grand Rapids, Michigan.