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Helix® Micro Rebar™ Concrete Reinforcement Offers Developers Unprecedented Long-Term Value

Decades from now, the buildings and concrete slabs built with Helix® Micro Rebar will shine as examples of how best to retain development value.

From the moment that Helix® Micro Rebar is chosen, the benefits begin to show themselves. Architects find simplicity in their designs, general contractors save time and reduce onsite labor costs, and even developers experience many upfront savings. 

Immediate time and cost savings are two of the primary motivating factors for choosing Helix® Micro Rebar over rebar, but one of the key benefits for developers will continue to reap benefits for years to come – durability. 

Developers always look at the bottom line, but few recognize the true significance of structural materials that retain value.

Concrete Has a Crack Problem

Sometimes it doesn’t show itself for years down the road, but sooner rather than later they can be spotted – concrete cracks. Whether it’s because of rusty rebar, ineffective plastic fibers or improper installation, they will come. 

Complacency toward concrete reinforcement failure is unacceptable, whether it is caused by the reinforcement, installation or maintenance.

Helix® Micro Rebar works to stop cracks before they even start. It is twisted to create a strong bond with the concrete, so instead of allowing concrete to crack under pressure, it can carry significant loads before the concrete shows visible cracking. This is the only product that can improve concrete’s ability to resist cracking in the first place – all other reinforcements allow concrete to crack. Helix Steel is not giving up on concrete; we make concrete better.

Developers Want Fewer Post-Construction Issues 

The stress of a frantic construction schedule is enough to make even the most timid developer vocalize their frustrations. But when improper concrete reinforcement is chosen to reinforce a project, there’s unfortunately much more stress to come: rocking at joints, joint deterioration, uncontrollable cracking, failed jointless systems and environmental stresses such as heavy loads, environmental conditions, hurricanes and even blasts. Your rebar will further corrode over time, making it more susceptible to external factors.

No developer should have to deal with post-construction issues; especially since you paid for perfection. A precise dose of Helix® Micro Rebar in your concrete can result in a building or concrete slab that stays in perfect condition, longer. Your slab or building with fewer cracks means a higher retainment of value.

Concrete with Helix® Micro Rebar is Highly Marketable

When developments are as competitive as they are in today’s market, developers must innovate their thinking and the products they offer. Helix® Micro Rebar offers many more differentiation factors, apart from its ability to reduce cracks. For example, an 8” slab of concrete with Helix® Micro Rebar has twice the capacity of a 6” slab with rebar. For facilities with concrete slabs that carry heavy loads, there is no better option.

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That is great for the developer’s upfront investment, but they also chose Helix® Micro Rebar for its long-term value: they relax in knowing that the chances of cracks developing are greatly reduced. This saves significant maintenance costs and structural issues which have become commonplace in structures needing to be raised faster than ever.

The developer of this beautiful mid-rise building chose to eliminate all of the heavy mesh and transverse rebar in the concrete, while significantly reducing the longitudinal rebar. Helix® Micro Rebar saved tens of thousands of dollars along with roughly 10 total construction days. 

Developers Must Consider the Total Cost of Building Ownership

When you consider your concrete reinforcement, factor in future costs as well – costs spent fixing concrete slab cracks, maintaining brittle concrete, facility downtime and addressing improperly placed rebar. When you choose Helix® Micro Rebar, these costly maintenance issues are greatly reduced to practically nothing for decades to come.

Gain Long-Term Value by Exploring More About Concrete Reinforcement

If this is your first time reading about Helix® Micro Rebar, we encourage you to read our introductory article on Helix® Micro Rebar and also our follow-up piece explaining the differences between rebar and Helix® Micro Rebar. Each link includes a video explaining the topics.

Please continue exploring our site, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our in-house engineers are here to assist you every step of your project.

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