Helix Awarded ER-279 Accreditation as Alternative to Rebar, Wire Mesh

Helix Steel recently earned IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) Evaluation Report ER-279 on Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar. This report accredits Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 and its design method under ISO Guide 65 for use as an alternative to conventional rebar and wire mesh in concrete.  Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 is the only discontinuous concrete reinforcement product in the world that now has a ISO certified design manual that can be followed to design vertical applications (such as walls) with Helix as the primary concrete reinforcement.

ER-279 opens up more than 99 countries worldwide for the immediate use and design with Helix due to the MLA/MRA agreements in place under IAF (International Accreditation Forum). It recognizes Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar under the 2009 and 2012 revisions of the International Building Code® (IBC), International Residential Code® (IRC) and 2011 ACI 318 concrete code. ER-279 documents the substantiating data provided as evidence that Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar satisfies applicable code requirements. This allows for the specification of Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar by architects, contractors, and designers, and approval of installations by code officials. It also provides code officials with a concise summary of the product’s attributes and documentation of code compliance.

“With ER-279, building code officials have peace of mind that Helix 5-25 has been fully reviewed as an acceptable alternative to traditional reinforcement in concrete design; this accreditation is great validation for Helix, and a significant advantage for the market,” said Luke Pinkerton, Helix president. “Helix is a cost-effective, durable and easy-to-use alternative to conventional rebar and wire mesh. Having ER-279 assures engineers, code officials and others that they can rely on Helix for their concrete structures.”

Products recognized under UES have successfully undergone evaluation based on applicable requirements within the International Family of Codes, as well as codes published by other entities. UES staff thoroughly examined Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product was code compliant. 

The UES program is built upon IAPMO’s more than 70 years of experience in evaluating products for code compliance. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the program operates under ISO/IEC Guide 65, “General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems.”

UES technical director Brian Gerber, PE, SE, explained why Uniform Evaluation Reports are so valuable: “Helix can now reference its ER-279 on Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar to ensure that code officials quickly have the information, from a trusted third-party source, necessary for their quick decision on approval.”

About Helix Steel

Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Helix Steel’s Micro-Rebar product is a cost-effective and durable replacement for traditional rebar. In any application, including structural foundations, slabs, suspended structural concrete, and paving, Helix Micro-Rebar is proven to increase the strength and durability of concrete. For more information, visit helixsteel.com.