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Engineering the Future: Inside Helix Steel’s Reimagining of the Product Sales Experience

The construction industry innovator is increasingly being known not only for its superior concrete reinforcement, but for its in-house team of professional engineers who support clients every step of the way.

No one expects to have full engineering support with every order of building supplies, but when engineers choose to specify Helix Micro Rebar, that is exactly what they receive. It’s an approach that has been established at the Michigan-based company since its inception almost 20 years ago. 

By producing an exceptional product and following through with live engineering support during design and installation stages, Helix Steel is doing something that rarely ever happens in the construction industry: making the lives of engineers easier.

What is Helix Micro Rebar?

Helix Steel manufacturers Helix Micro Rebar, the leading alternative concrete reinforcement which has been proven to stop concrete cracks from forming in tens of thousands of structures. The one-inch (25-mm) piece of twisted steel is combined with thousands of others and mixed with concrete to provide a highly durable product, reducing cracks, timelines and expenses. The key is a patented twist in its design, which is nowhere else found in the concrete reinforcement industry, holding concrete together better than ever possible.

Helix Steel understands the complexities of design, and is committed to providing more than just a great product. Comprehensive support for its product comes from a team of project managers and in-house engineers, essentially an extension of a construction project’s engineering team.

Much More Than a Purchase of Concrete Reinforcement

“Engineers often come to us with a challenge, and they hear that Helix Micro Rebar can address it,” says TJ Lambert, Engineering Outreach Manager for Helix Steel. “Often, they’re right and we can make concrete better. Rarely do they immediately fully understand the level of support we provide them once they make the decision to specify Helix Micro Rebar.”

Helix Micro Rebar was made by engineers to solve a problem that has challenged the profession for generations: reducing concrete cracks. Although rebar and fiber try to accomplish this, neither work to their designed potential until after microcracks grow larger. It’s for that reason that fibers are not approved for replacement of structural reinforcement.

Helix Micro Rebar allows engineers to offer something to their customers that’s better, faster and more cost effective than anything else: an alternative that can cut costs and improve quality.

Our Engineers Support Project Design

Whether it is designing, testing, dosing, stamping or consulting, Helix Steel’s team can take on tasks that would otherwise take up the time of a project’s engineering department. 

Our engineers work on everything from simple slab-on-grade applications (many dosage rates are readily available) to complex pours requiring different dosages being poured simultaneously. We have supported engineers with a concrete bridge deck in Missouri, a concrete slab for an electric vehicle plant in Ohio and have calculated dosage rates for an ICF home in California – 40,000 structures in all.

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Helix Micro Rebar has the credible design approvals that engineers need to save time and reduce liability concerns. It can be used:

  • As a structural reinforcement under the provision of ACI 318-14 section 1.10 and ACI 332 under Section 1.2 and
  • In structural slabs, walls, foundations and other structures to replace rebar subject to the restrictions of UES ER-279 or ICC-ES 3949. There are prescriptive tables in ICC-ES 3949 for below-grade walls satisfying IRC without the need for engineered design.
  • In slabs on grade per ACI 360 Chapter 11 using elastic design when load slab strength is required with cracks smaller than 1 mm.
  • To replace temperature shrinkage reinforcement specified in ACI 318 Chapter 7 subject to the restrictions of UES ER-279 or ICC-ES 3949.
  • In pavements, per ACI 330, AASHTO 2020 and ACPA StreetPave12.

Helix Steel’s online specification tool even gives engineers access to online calculations and tables to easily specify Helix Micro Rebar in your designs.

Helix Steel Coordinates at All Levels 

Our project managers coordinate plans at every level, including general contractors, developers, owners, ready-mixers and even pump truck operators, all to ensure a completely smooth pour process. It’s not uncommon for Helix Steel’s team to be on site for the first pour day to support the operations. 

Engineers Receive Education on Alternative Concrete Reinforcement

Engineers have questions, which is why Helix Steel’s engineering team is eager to help:

  • Who is responsible for the design?
  • How is Helix Micro Rebar different from fibers?
  • How do I get Helix Micro Rebar approved?
  • How do I design with it and how does Helix Steel help?
  • Can I use Helix Micro Rebar?
  • How can Helix Micro Rebar assist in LEED certification and EPD preparation?

Helix Steel provides guidance for these questions and many more so that you can be comfortable in your decision, in accordance with industry reports and building codes.

In addition to education, Helix Steel works closely with the PCA, assists in upgrading building codes and improves the industry through action in ACI sub-committees.

“As an engineer, we are always looking for ways to innovate without risk, and to explore improvements without making a large time investment. Helix Micro Rebar was invented to address this challenge.”

Luke Pinkerton, Helix Steel’s Chief Technology Officer

Helix Steel is a Lifelong Engineering Partner

We understand engineers, since we are engineers too, and how immediately embracing something new can be difficult. We are confident that once you make the decision once, you will specify Helix Micro Rebar again…and again…and again. Many of our clients are repeat customers who use our product once, then get hooked on its benefits and the convenience of our support team. 

We’re not just a single person sitting in an office waiting for the phone to ring; We’re a complete engineering network of two professional engineers and three additional engineers.

Helix Micro Rebar Has 20 Years of Engineering Trust

For almost 20 years we have completed more than 400 million square feet of projects in 40,000 structures using a manufactured-in-America product, allowing engineers from around the world to innovate and provide their clients with something that’s 100% proven with real-world applications. Hear more from Helix Steel’s many success stories and testimonials.

Engineering Today for Strength Tomorrow

We know that for many engineers, changing something as familiar as rebar can be a big step to take. That’s why Helix Steel’s team is here, dedicated to ensuring not only are you fully educated on our product and processes, but to be with you every step of the way. 

Whether you are an engineer, general contractor, developer, ready-mix operator or owner, you are welcome to inquire further about Helix Micro Rebar and how this product – and our team’s support for it – will transform your project into something that thousands of engineers around the world already know and love. 
Contact Helix Steel and discover more about the better way to build with concrete.