Since 2004, Helix Steel has provided contractors who use Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), a way to build using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Those using ICFs pride themselves in constructing long-lasting, energy efficient buildings. Together with Helix Steel’s innovative technology, Twisted Steel Micro Rebar™ (TSMR™) reinforcement and ICF, we  create a green solution which upholds our mission to provide a better way to build with concrete.

ICFs entered the market in late 1960s. Although it is in recent years where the industry has witnessed a boom in all types of ICF systems. Each system has its own distinguishable characteristics, but one thing holds true for all ICF systems: they need concrete reinforcement. TSMR™ reinforcement can relieve pain in the building process and provide sound and secure structural reinforcement in lieu of traditional rebar. Additionally, when mixed into the concrete, TSMR™ reinforcement reduces the carbon footprint in transporting materials.

ICF builder, George Bahdi, President of Niagara Olympia Homes, said “Our goal is to provide energy efficient homes which fulfill all our clients’ needs. We use the [Amvic] ICF system to build our homes because they reduce noise transmission, improve energy efficiency and thermal resistance within the unit. We were able to speed up construction using Helix® fiber reinforcement in the concrete which replaced the use of rebar on all horizontal and vertical interior walls. These walls lower utility costs while providing a safe, quiet home”.

Quick Facts About Helix Steel (

  • Helix Steel, founded in 2003, manufactures Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement, in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Currently 40% of the company’s manufacturing work force are veterans.
  • A Buy America Compliant Helix® concrete reinforcement was recently used in the MTA’s East Side Access Tunnel Lining in New York City.

The CEO of Seretta Construction is an industry leader who is looking to innovate. His name is Andrew McPherson and he is the former president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and current Chairman of the ACI 551 Tilt Wall Construction and Design Committee. When he made the decision to build a new regional HQ in Austin Texas, he turned to Helix Steel.

Helix™ Steel is pleased to announce the availability of Helix™ Micro-Rebar in the Building Systems Design (BSD) SpecLink-E platform.  BSD SpecLink-E is leveraged by architects and engineers as a master guide specification writing, management, and production system to produce documentation for all types of projects.

Driven by customer and market demand, Fox Blocks, the Nebraska based Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) manufacturer, evaluated leading concrete reinforcement technologies for inclusion in their structures. This search identified Helix Steel Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR) as the ideal solution to reinforce concrete. Helix Steel TSMR is a 3-dimensional concrete reinforcement solution that has International Accreditations and Approvals covering 99 countries.

A major online retailer recently began operations in a newly constructed 1.1 million square foot distribution facility near Detroit, Michigan several weeks ahead of schedule.  The Gilardone Company, the concrete contractor, realized that placing traditional steel reinforcement across 1.1 million square feet would require a crew of workers and several weeks of time. 

Helix™ Steel is pleased to announce the launch of a new web-based tool to calculate savings gained by using Helix Steel’s patented Helix Micro Rebar product in slab-on-grade and slab-on-metal-deck construction projects.

When Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean island of St. Maarten with sustained winds of 185 mph (298 kph) on September 6, 2017, the devastation was incredible.  Most buildings, including concrete structures, suffered extensive damage.  The Indigo Green development was a notable exception – their structures survived virtually unscathed.  Indigo Green wanted to build the most safe, comfortable and disaster-resistant homes possible and used the best technologies and construction techniques available.

Since 1967, Phillips Hardy’s mission has been to deliver projects on time and on budget while leveraging their expertise in a quest for innovation to bring value to their customers. One of their customers has been dealing with aging bridge infrastructure, resulting in increasing construction demands and funding shortfalls. Phillips Hardy set out to  find ways to make infrastructure more resilient, enabling longer lifespans and lower lifecycle costs, while supporting higher traffic demands. That search led them to Helix Steel and its twisted steel micro reinforcement technology called Micro Rebar.

“We are very happy with our sustained growth in manufacturing in the United States,” said Luke Pinkerton, Founder and CTO of Helix Steel. “We are experiencing increased demand from owners, developers and general contractors due to the many advantages Helix Steel brings to a variety of projects – including distribution and logistics centers, manufacturing facilities and large multi-family developments. The US steel industry is rebounding, and with continued support for Buy America compliant solutions, Helix Steel will be able to deliver our American innovation on the global stage.”