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Automating Construction With an Alternative Concrete Reinforcement Made Right Here in the U.S.A.

Efficiency and speed are paramount in the construction industry today and tomorrow. We often think of automation as robots working on an assembly line, but it’s not always as complex and expensive. Usually, the best and most obvious automation upgrades take place in small ways.

Have you thought of automating your concrete? It has been around for 100+ years and never fails to require time-consuming processes, back-breaking labor and expensive equipment rental costs. Concrete reinforcement is ripe for automation, and Helix Steel is here to prove it. 

Helix Steel’s proprietary concrete reinforcement is called Helix Micro Rebar. Each all-steel piece is only one inch (25 mm) long and has an ingenious patented twisted design that bonds with concrete to create a strong and durable material, keeping concrete together like a screw in wood. It’s not a concrete fiber. It has more strength than cheap single-use plastics and the all-steel solution starts to work before cracks even form.

This twisted piece of steel reinforcement will help to automate three distinct areas of your construction project: your processes, labor and equipment. Guess what? Helix Micro Rebar can help with them all.

How Does Helix Micro Rebar Improve Your Project Processes?

Helix Steel is a proudly American company with a team of project managers and engineers who work with you to not only determine the exact dosage you need for your concrete project, but they take your project to a whole new level. A team works with you and your colleagues to help design a dosage reflective of your rebar specifications, creates a plan, coordinates with trades and even provides live support on your pour days.

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How Does Helix Micro Rebar Reduce Your Labor Costs?

A one-million-square-foot warehouse would require a significant amount of concrete, meaning that standard reinforcement installed in the slab alone could take weeks or even months to install. Delivering rebar, hiring laborers, moving the rebar, tying the rebar and then dealing with the safety issues involved in having one million square feet of tripping hazards on your site can become a headache you simply don’t need. 

Helix Micro Rebar is mixed with the concrete in the concrete mixer, often at the batch plant, so there are few rebar operations at your site, there is far less time spent installing and tying rebar, and practically zero tripping hazards compared with traditional reinforcement.

Helix Steel customers have said that every 10,000 square feet of rebar replaced with Helix Micro Rebar saves one full day of construction. That’s up to three months faster than if you used rebar in a large warehouse slab.

How Does Helix Micro Rebar Lower Equipment Usage and Costs?

When you reduce your rebar tripping hazards, you also remove obstacles for concrete equipment. That means your costs for concrete pumps, concrete power buggies and the labor associated with them are practically nil. In most concrete slab applications, your cement truck can drive directly to the pour site.

Construction Automation is Possible with Helix Micro Rebar

In an age where reducing costs and finishing more quickly is essential to secure jobs and finish them without losing your sanity, there has never been a better time to consider the alternative concrete reinforcement that reduces your tool usage and lowers your equipment costs and improves your project processes.

After hundreds of millions of square feet and tens of thousands of successful structures, Helix Micro Rebar has been proven in the field and has many happy customers who can attest to the tiny reinforcement’s advantages. This includes a wide range of applications, such as slabs on grade, ICF and even highways.

Reach out to the Helix Steel team or submit your project details to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.