Pensmore Reinforcement Technologies, dba Helix Steel is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Micro Fibras de Acero CR S.A. Through this partnership, Helix Steel will be supplying Helix® Micro Rebar™ to the Costa Rican construction industry.

Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Micro Fibras CR S.A. includes business partners Alberto Apestegui, ME, Enrique Blair, M.Sc., Ricardo Jimenez, and Campion Platt. Each partner is involved in different aspects of architecture, construction, design, and engineering. 

Helix Steel is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar™ (TSMR™ or Micro-Rebar™) reinforcement, a three dimensional concrete reinforcement technology that quantifiably increases shear strength, durability and ductility while providing industry leading pre-crack capabilities. Simply put, by using Helix® Micro-Rebar™ reinforcement, you are protecting  your investment in concrete. 

Helix Steel is proud to welcome Marsha Moore Harding as Account Manager-Southeast. Luke Pinkerton, President and Chief Technology Officer of Helix Steel said, “We are excited to welcome Marsha. Her knowledge of the construction industry is deep, and her commitment to customer success made her an ideal choice for us.”

Today Helix Steel is proud to announce two new Helix® products designed to meet the needs of the Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) market.  These Buy America compliant products are based on the company’s patented Twisted Steel Micro RebarTMtechnology.  The twisted, screw-like shape of Helix® has been shown to provide advantages over the smooth steel fibers that are common in the industry. The products are manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Helix Steel announced today a new partnership with Construction Innovations Company as its representation in the North East United States.  Complete with its own engineering team, Construction Innovations Company (Coninnco) brings over 45+ years of experience in construction product sales and support to the Helix team.  Helix warmly welcomes the team including Bob Edwards, Mark Murray, and Allison Verley to the team.

This may be the most exciting demo because it will include an actual lift and has additional interest due to the use of high-early strength concrete and twisted steel micro rebar,” says TCA Technical Director Jim Baty.

Historically, many walls have been constructed of plain concrete. Modern codes, however, only allow plain concrete walls to be used in limited circumstances, where the walls are inherently stable.  Reinforced walls are designed according to ACI 332-14 using rebar to increase their structural capacity.  An alternative way to reinforce concrete walls is by using twisted steel micro-rebar (TSMR). TSMR reinforced concrete refers to concrete reinforced with short, randomly oriented twisted steel filaments.

Steel rebar and welded wire have long been the standard for reinforcing concrete structures. But as the precast concrete and construction industries continue to evolve, so too does reinforcement technology. Alternative materials can significantly reduce or even completely replace traditional steel reinforcement for some applications – leading to a variety of benefits for manufacturers and designers.

What is concrete’s problem? Concrete is brittle and must be reinforced with long metal bars, called steel rebar—the bars you sometimes see jutting out of dilapidated concrete buildings. That’s because even with rebar, concrete deteriorates over time, and buildings literally fall down.