Ashley Capital realizes value with Helix Steel

Ashley Capital selected Helix Steel as the primary concrete reinforcement technology for its’ new Findlay Commerce Center (FCC), located in Findlay Township, PA. The FCC is a 316,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art, distribution/light industrial facility that can accommodate up to four tenants of varying sizes.

Although originally designed with welded wire mesh and fiber mesh reinforcement, Helix Steel provided a design that 3 dimensionally reinforced the slab of the facility with Twisted Steel Micro Reinforcement (TSMR), removed all welded wire mesh and fiber mesh and promises to deliver an increase in shear strength, ductility, modulus of rupture and toughness, reduced carbon footprint and shortened the total project timeline.

“Helix Steel’s code approved technology removed all labor associated with chairing, laying and tying welded wire mesh and enabled our contractor to pour in a more efficient manner, which in turn shaved time off of our delivery schedule.”, said Kevin Hegg, Vice President with Ashley Capital. “As a developer, we are always looking for ways to shorten the construction schedule and to provide a better potential value to our tenants. Helix Steel TSMR is designed to help offer those benefits.”

“The goal with each of our customer’s projects, is to provide a more structurally sound, longer lasting concrete application and to deliver quantifiable value in terms of time savings and sustainability. This resonates within the Owner/Builder community in terms of project financing, delivery dates, realized rental or lease revenue and green initiatives.” said Helix Steel VP of Sales, David Stephens.

Helix Steel is exhibiting at the 2017 World of Concrete in Las Vegas next week, booth N3005.

About Ashley Capital (

Founded in 1984, Ashley Capital has become one of the largest privately-held real estate investment companies in the United States. Based in New York, the firm has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Nashville and Norfolk, VA. Ashley’s current portfolio stands at approximately 22 million sq. ft.

About Helix Steel (

Helix Steel, a Pensmore company, is the manufacturer of Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (“TSMR”), the leading proactive concrete reinforcement technology in the world. Helix Steel is leveraged across a variety of markets including Commercial, Industrial, Precast, Residential, Underground and Infrastructure and in applications ranging from structural, temperature and shrinkage, seismic and impact and blast resistance.