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A New Way to Save Time and Money in Warehouse Construction

Whether you need a concrete slab for your upcoming warehouse, fulfillment center, commercial building or concrete parking lot, you are always looking for ways to cut your costs while also trimming the amount of time that it takes to complete the job. Well, have we found an alternative concrete reinforcement for you…

Some say that the main benefits of Helix Micro Rebar are its ability to make concrete more durable. Others will talk about how it’s safer to use than rebar. Many others will be thankful for its team of design and project management support included for the duration of the project and beyond. 

But the vast majority of warehouse contractors and developers who discover the tiny concrete reinforcement are sold on two things: time savings and money savings.

How Do You Reduce Your Warehouse Construction Time?

Think of all of the time attributed to rebar and mesh installation. You need to order it many weeks or even months in advance, and when it arrives that’s when the most time-consuming aspect starts: installation. 

If you are like most warehouse project contractors, you need to hire dozens of reliable laborers to tie each piece together, across a concrete slab space that could be over 1,000,000 square feet (92,903 square meters) – or larger. This painstakingly long process can have massive repercussions on a project that needs to be built for your client “A.S.A.P.”

Here’s the alternative that will save time on your next project: Helix Micro Rebar. In many cases, it can be shipped within a week, and for large projects, just a few days more. It is most often poured directly into the cement trucks at your batch plant, so there’s no time spent managing inventory on your jobsite. 

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When the trucks arrive with your concrete, they can place their load directly onto the prepared surface. There is no need to use time-consuming pumps to pour your slab since Helix Micro Rebar can replace up to 100% of the rebar and mesh while cutting weeks from your construction schedule.  

How Do You Reduce the Cost of Your Warehouse Construction Project?

For many concrete projects, whether it is a slab, ICF home, road or precast application, the cost of buying Helix Micro Rebar is often around the same price you would pay for standard reinforcement. But that’s not the whole story. Not even close.

The real cost savings come from all of the construction components that are no longer required because of a single wise decision to upgrade concrete reinforcement:

  • Weeks of laborers installing rebar, who can now proactively be working on other aspects of the project.
  • Costs associated with onsite concrete reinforcement storage.
  • Expensive and time-consuming concrete pumps and conveyors that flow the concrete over prepared rebar.
  • Helix Micro Rebar is safer to handle than rusty, dirty rebar. This may result in fewer safety-related costs.
  • On average, every 10,000 sq. ft. of rebar/mesh replaced with Helix Micro Rebar saves one full day of construction. Starting occupancy weeks or even months early can have a significant impact on when a developer begins to see an ROI.

Case Study: Helix Micro Rebar in Action in Distribution Warehouse

This distribution warehouse in Michigan switched from mesh to Helix Micro Rebar and saw significant savings in both time and money. 

The original design for the warehouse was: 

4″ SOG 1 layer of 6X6, W2.9/W2.9 mesh

8″ SOG 1 layer of 6X6, W2.9/W2.9 mesh

The Gilardone Company, the concrete contractor for this project, realized that placing traditional steel reinforcement across 1.1 million sq. ft. would require a crew of workers and several weeks of time. Instead, the Gilardone Company turned to Helix Micro Rebar reinforcement to reduce the construction schedule and provide Ashley Capital with a superior performing and more durable floor. Helix Steel recommended 4″ & 8″ SOG with 9 lb/yd3

​Ken Bowen, V.P. of Construction at Ashley Capital appreciated the switch, “With Helix Micro Rebar steel reinforcement we were able to meet the schedule and provide a superior product for a knowledgeable and fast-moving tenant. Using Helix Micro Rebar reinforcement increased the daily concrete pour rate by 20% and saved weeks of time.”

Watch this video to see how preparing, placing and finishing this distribution center’s concrete slab was done:

One Little Product is the Answer to Your Need to Save Time and Money

Helix Micro Rebar is one little product that can totally change how you think about and respond to warehouse and fulfillment center construction challenges. It is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, including Amazon, FedEx, General Motors and Hilton.

Learn more about Helix Steel’s tiny, strong concrete reinforcement now.