Multi Compartment Tank

Janesville, Wisconsin

Since using Helix Steel our work-force does not have to deal with the stress and strain of lifting and placing heavy rebar and mesh mats. 

   – Vice President – Aaron Ausen


Project Summary

Category:                 Precast
Contractor:             Dalmaray Precast Concrete Products
Location:                 Janesville, Wisconsin
Application:           Multi Compartment Tank

Original Design:  Custom Heavy Mesh equivalent to 

                                   #3 rebar at 12" OCEW.

Helix Design:       80 lb/yd3 of Helix Steel per tank along with a

                                  single “ring bar” around the top edge of tank.



Dalmaray was founded in 1957 by Dale Carr, Marie Carr, and Ray Hemmingway. It started with no shop, minimal forms, and one block and tackle truck. But in just 50 years time, Dalmaray has grown to become one of the largest precast producers in Wisconsin. 


This Multi Compartment Tank (1000/300/750) was originally designed with a custom heavy mesh that still required manual setup and staging.  By adding Helix Steel as a structural reinforcement technology, Dalmaray was able to create a stronger, three dimension reinforced tank, yet were able to reduce 1 1/2 hours from the overall manufacturing time.  

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