Martin Marietta Aggregates

Augusta, Georgia

By using Helix Steel, we were able to reduce the pavement thickness from 12" to 6".

   – Capital Concrete


Project Summary

The Martin Marietta Aggregates were in the process of building a pavement at their Columbia, South Carolina facility.  Having experienced failures of prior concrete pavements, Martin Marietta were looking for a reinforcement technology that could help concrete withstand high frequency, heavy loading without cracking or failure.  


Capital Concrete worked with Helix Steel to design a pavement that has exceeded all expectations.  By adding a dosage of 30lb/yd3, the team was able to reduce the pavement thickness by 50%.  To date, the Helix Steel reinforced pavement is performing perfectly, even after pavement intact after 8 years and 2 million ESALs.   




Category:                 Infrastructure
Contractor:             Capital Concrete
Location:                 Columbia, South Carolina
Application:           Heavy Pavement
Original Design:  12" Concrete Pavement

Helix Dosage:       6" Concrete Pavement with 30 lb/yd3;









Increase in Shear Strength:               101%

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:    18%

Increase in Durability:                        31%

Increased Speed of Construction:   15 Days

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:     300 Tons

 Infrastructure Projects

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