Hilton Garden Inn

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

By using Helix Steel, we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost. Helix Steel is a Game Changer in the ICF industry.

   – Michael Cleary, Integrity Development Corporation.


Project Summary

The Hilton Garden Inn in Uniontown, PA is a 119 room hotel located in the Fayette County Business Park near Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  The was developed by the Synergy Real Estate Corp and the Fairchance Construction Co.


The design build consultant was able to streamline the ICF wall manufacuring process, by leveraging Helix Steel to replace all of the horizontal rebar reinforcement.  This reduced the time needed for paneling the walls. Additionally, the hybrid design mix in each respective wall provided a 66% reduction in overall rebar while increase shear strength, ductility and durability.  


This project won the 1st Runner up at the 2016 World of Concrete, in the ICF Builder Awards for the Multifamily Category.  

Category:                 Commercial
Contractor:             Fairchance Construction
Location:                 Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Application:           Above Grade Walls

Original Design:  6” Wall with 1 layer of #4 @ 16" Horizonal

                                   4” Wall with 1 layer of #4 @ 25" Horizonal

Helix Dosage:       6" Wall replace Horizontal with 18 lb/yd3

                                   4" Wall replace Horizontal with 18 lb/yd3








Increase in Shear Strength:               192%

Increase in Modulus of Rupture:    18%

Increase in Durability:                        22%

Increased Speed of Construction:   10 Days

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:     41 Tons

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