Precast Flared Ends

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Helix saved time and labor by reducing the amount of rebar in the flared ends.


Project Summary

Category:                 Precast
Contractor:             Panhandle Concrete Products
Location:                 Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Application:           Flared Ends

Helix Dosage:       Hybrid design 30 lb/yd3 




Panhandle Concrete Products' precast flared ends will reduce construction time.  This in turn reduces road/lane closure time and detour time.  All these factors add up to reduce costs to Contractor and lower final project cost to Owner. 

All flared ends are designed and engineered to your specific loading requirements and fill depths.  These boxes will meet ASTM and AASHTO standards. All boxes are constructed of a 7,000 psi (28 days) concrete mix.  This mix has a one day strength of 3,000 psi.  The seven day strength is 5,000 psi. Each flared end undergoes strict Quality Control Inspection.  These include: Pre and Post Pour Inspections, Dimension Check, Reinforcement Check, Joint Test Fitting, and Concrete Testing.

Preacst Projects

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