AcuBuild Residential Project

New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Helix Steel was designed into a suspended slab, ICF walls and the stairs.  

   – Kevin Fuller,  Helix Steel Australasia.  


Project Summary

AcuBuild approached Helix Steel Australia to come up with an alternative design for the first floor suspended slab. The original design was a 200mm thick suspended slab with 500 deep beams spanning two ways. We designed an alternative, 170 thick slab on Bondek (0.75mm) with Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement and reinforcement only over supports.

AcuBuild also chose to leverage Helix Steel as primary reinforcement for the ICF walls and the stairs leading up to the house.  

Category:                 Residential
Client:                      AcuBuild
Location:                 New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Application:           Foundation Walls, Slabs and Stairs

Helix Dosage:       5 kg/m3 







Residential Projects

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