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2 Layers of Rebar Reinforcement

1 layer of Rebar Reinforcement &

50 lbs per cubic yard of Helix® Steel 5-25


Helix Steel was first developed as part of a research project that challenged University of Michigan Engineers to create a reinforcement technology that could product provide quantifiably better resiliency, ductility and elasticity to concrete structures. After years of applying the Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar™ reinforcement technology to various use cases and stringent test case scenarios, it was decided to incorporate and bring Helix Steel to the market in 2003.


One of the initial focus areas where Helix Steel collaborated with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers was as an alternative to rebar in blast resistant applications where rebar was not good enough and too cumbersome for use.  





















Today, Helix Steel manufactures in Grand Rapids, Michigan and distributes Helix Steel Twisted Steel Micro-Rebar™ (Helix® Micro-Rebar™) reinforcement worldwide. Helix® Micro-Rebar™ reinforcement increases concrete’s strength and resilience and eliminates or reduces traditional reinforcement (rebar and mesh) required by building codes.  Helix® Micro-Rebar™ concrete reinforcement is added at the ready-mix plant or on site directly to the concrete mix –reducing costs and valuable time. Clients say they save one day of construction for every 10,000 square feet of rebar they replace with Helix® reinforcement.


Our technology is across a wide range of market segments including; Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Transportation, Tunneling, Precast and Underground. As sampling of these applications can be seen below:


  • Structural walls, Structural floors, Structural footings

  • Foundations Slabs, including slab-on-grade, slab-on-metal-deck,

  • Matt Slabs

  • Elevated Walls, including cast-in-place, tilt-up,

  • Precast Segments, Tunnel Lining, Man holes, Beams

  • Pavement, Bridges, Roads

  • Duct Banks, Storm Drains, Blast Shelters

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