Old Castle Precast

Loveland, Colorado

I'm pretty thrilled with how the Helix® concrete reinforcement is working with our designs. It is saving a lot of labor.  

   – Precast Engineer ‐ Kim Fenstresserry 


Project Summary

Colorado Precast, now part of Old Castle Precast, produces 15,500 gallon vaults.  They were originally designed with conventional rebar and mesh.  Each tank required about 4,500 lb of rebar and mesh and 90 hours of labor to prepare, tie and install the steel reinforcement.  The Helix® reinforcement design was able to reduce this to only 810 lb of steel.  


The combined material and labor savings allowed Colorado Precast to produce a higher performing and higher quality product for their customer while being more cost effective and providing more efficient and safer manufacturing operations.

Category:                 Precast
Contractor:             Old Castle Precast/Colorado Precast
Location:                 Loveland, Colorado
Application:           15,500 gallon tank

Original Design:  Rebar & Mesh

Helix Dosage:       Hybrid with 45 lb/yd3 







Original Design

Helix Hybrid Design  

 Precast Projects

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